WorkMobile™ Signature Capture

WorkMobile™ is the perfect Signature Capture Solution, which eliminates the need to invest in additional expensive hardware, by allowing your workers in the field to capture customer signatures using their touch screen phones.

Once the WorkMobile™ data capture application has been downloaded to your mobile phone or PDA and you have designed your custom mobile form, your workers in the field can use their touch screen phone or mobile device to capture a customer's signature and attach it to the form to be transmitted back to your office.

Using WorkMobile™ as a signature capture tool is just one of the many benefits to be utilised within the product, but in particular this feature helps to provide a comprehensive proof of delivery solution.

Once a signature has been captured, it is transferred along with the rest of the data in the form to your back office computer system in real-time, providing you with access to your information instantaneously.

Signature Capture Made Easy

There are a number of features, that when combined with the signature capture capability, make WorkMobile™ the ultimate courier software solution;

  • Customise Forms – Design & build your own forms, to collect the data that is most relevant to you in addition to a customer/client signature.
  • Job Dispatch – Record appointments and jobs with WorkMobile™, distribute to your team for them to sign off in real-time.
  • Geo Stamping – Record the exact location of where the signature was captured.
  • Photographs – Allow your couriers to capture and send photographs back to the WorkMobile™ server.
  • Compatible With All Major Mobile Platforms – You can use WorkMobile™ on your existing mobile device, eliminating the need to invest in expensive new hardware.
  • No Internet Connection? No Problem! – With WorkMobile™ on your mobile phone or PDA you can capture data even without a phone signal.

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