WorkMobile™ Feature List

Build your own forms
Simple to use drag & drop interface allows you to quickly build your own forms and publish them to your team's PDAs and mobile phones anywhere in the world, any time.

Runs on all major platforms
With WorkMobile™ there's no need to invest in expensive new mobile phone hardware, simply use your existing phones and PDAs. Ideal for organisations using a temporary workforce on short term projects.
Industry-Strength Security
Built from the ground-up with security in mind, your data is encrypted from the point of capture, transmission and finally storage on the server.
Data Export
Use WorkMobile™'s simple data export facilities to download your data at any time from the Web portal. View your data at anytime using the WorkMobile™ web portal.
Works without Internet Connection
Download the WorkMobile™ app onto your phone or PDA and capture data even when you don't have a phone signal.

Cloud Architecture
There's no need to invest in expensive server hardware and software – we've taken care of it. Just register and you can be up and running within minutes.
Geo Stamping
Automatically record the exact location of where a form was completed or where a field worker was when they started their shift.
WorkMobile™ Connect
Plug work mobile straight into your back office or CRM system using secure web services. Push your scheduled jobs directly to the WorkMobile™ servers and let WorkMobile™ take care of pushing the data to your field workers. Pull completed job information from the WorkMobile™ servers straight into your back office for billing.
Advanced Reporting
Build advanced reporting solutions to analyse your data and produce meaningful management information.

Capture customer signastures using your touch screen phone.
Job Despatch
Record jobs and appointments using the WorkMobile™ portal and transmit them in real-time to the workforce out in the field. Get real-time feedback on job status.
Notifications & Alerts
Do you sometimes need to know immediately – for example a leakage engineer files a worksheet for a high priority leak. WorkMobile™ can automatically send email notifications to specified individuals, keeping them in the loop.
Advanced Reporting
A picture is worth a thousand words. Let your mobile users capture photographs which can be sent back to the WorkMobile™ server at the press of a button.

Embed forms within forms to capture repeating data just like you would with a grid or a table.

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